It is a dilemma that is completely understandable.

Really the two share many similarities. Both osteopathy and chiropractic are manual therapies that were founded over a century ago in the US and gradually moved across to the UK (and now all around the world!). Today, within the UK, both Osteopaths and Chiropractors are regulated, requiring professionals to register every year in order to practice. 

Many people believe the distinction between the two therapies lies in the fact that chiropractors work mainly using joint manipulations, unaware that osteopaths also use this treatment method. In reality, in recent years, the two therapies have increasingly become more aligned with one another. Both will use their hands to diagnose and treat disorders of the muscles and joints with the aim of getting you back to optimum function (and hopefully pain free!) and these treatments can include, massage, stretching, joint mobilisation, gentle rhythmic techniques and joint manipulations. 


The difference really lies in the personal treatment style of the practitioner. You may find that some osteopaths/chiropractors work mainly with joint manipulations, whereas others may be more massage based/work with gentler techniques only carrying out occasional manipulations where appropriate. This just needs to align with your own personal preferences. 

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